Stage Combat Plays

Scripts designed for combat choreography.

Your Swash Is Unbuckled (2008) (2010)
Short plays about piracy, brigandry, and heartrobbery combine tongue-in-cheek wordplay with swashbuckling swordplay in stories revolving around buccaneers, damsels, gladiators, amazons and rapscallions of all shapes and sizes. This unique collection of playlets can be used to create a full night of entertainment, or in the classroom for teaching stage combat techniques. Of special note: these combat scenes contain roles for both male and female combatants.

The Amazon Ambassador (2008)
An emissary of peace unwittingly sparks civil war in the Amazon community.
[1M, 3F]

Arc's Angels (2010)
Joan of Arc's guardian angels battle for her conscience.
[2M, 2F]

The Bawdy Brigandess (2007)
The notorious she-bandit Bridget of Bristol has deprived the Crown Prince of his manhood. ...And the Crown Princess wants it back!

Cassandra Triumphant! (2023)
When no one believes the prophecies of Greek mythic hero Cassandra, the tragic prophetess takes matters into her own hands, single-handedly changing the course of the Trojan War. A combat comedy for female fighters, and others.
[7F, 7M]

Cave Squabble (2009)
Prehistoric cave dwellers battle it out with fists, sticks, and all the latest inventions.

Don Juan's Wantons (2010)
An armed three-way for two women and the world's greatest lover.
[1M, 2F]

Flouncy's Fancy (2009)
The flamboyant Sir Gaylord of Flouncy defends his manhood against an unruly dinner guest. Or does he?

Gladiators Glorious (2008)
Two gladiators punch the clock, and each other, in another day at the arena.

Gladiatrix Gossip (2010)
Office romance leads to violence in a Roman gymnasium.

The Harlot and the Highwayman (2008)
A woman of the world instructs a fledgling highwayman in the art of enravagement.
[1M, 1F]

The Harlot and the Hypocrite (2009)
The infamous Abbot Filcher tries to shakedown the notorious Harlot of Marlowe.
[1M, 1F]

Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn (2005)
A vengeful swashbuckler, orphaned by pirates, comes face to face with the treacherous brigand who orphaned him in the first place... his mother.
[1M, 1F]

Latoit's Lesson (2009)
The lecherous M. Latoit offers private fencing lessons to his most dangerous student.
[1M, 1F]

The Legends of Robin Hood & Little John (1995)
Robin Hood and Little John reminisce about their first legendary meeting, but conflicting recollections of the battle lead to conflict.
[2M, 1F]

Lewd Loves of a Lusty Laundress (1994)
A luckless laundry lass fantasizes about being violently seduced by the men whose shirts she finds in her bundle. Her dreams come true when the shirtless men do battle for her love.
[3M, 1F]

Maids Made Men (2008)
Two women-disguised-as-men try to outman each other.

Mutiny on the Booty (2010)
The piratess Cecily Jack, captain of the Boatswain's Booty, contends with a vengeful mutineer who wants only one thing: Love.
[1M, 1F]

My Conquistador (2010)
A pair of Incan maidens fantasize about the exploits of their daring Spanish lover.

The Prince in the Poppies (2009)
The notorious she-brigand Bridget of Bristol begins her criminal career with the armed seduction of a randy Prince.
[1M, 1F]

The Trojan Diplomat (2010)
A Trojan statesman teaches Phileon of Ilium a thing or two about hard diplomacy.

Sir Simon's Second (2008)
Decorum forces two seconds to duel on behalf of their absent masters.

Steam Pirates (2015)
A collection of steampunk pirate plays for men and women: The Boatswain's Bride, The Lady Brigand, The Pirate and the Schoolmarm and, of course, Miranda & the Steam Pirates

Turf Pirates (1995)
Two bumbling sea captains wage a land battle over the only remaining plank for their ships.
[4M, 2F]

Witch Slap! (2014)
Fear grips a medieval town when the spectacle of public witch hunts turns brother against brother. Local witches band together to stop the madness, but they quickly discover that the mass hysteria also pits sister against sister.

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Plays with Combat

The following scripts, though not specifically designed to be combat showcases, include significant opportunites for fight choreography.

Ham/thello (2007)
Shakespeare's latest tragedy of racism and incest. The newly-crowned Moorish King, suspects his step-son of seducing the Queen.

Romeo & Julius [Caesar] (2004)
Shakespeare's newest tragedy of love and hate crimes. A young boy falls in love with the Roman emperor, and all hell breaks loose. .