World Premieres

For theatre companies looking specifically to develop original work, the following new plays are the scripts on the JeffNet which have not yet been produced in their entirety:

Gladiators Glorious (2008)
Two gladiators punch the clock, and each other, in another day at the arena. A ten-minute stage combat play.

Gladiatrix Gossip (2009)
Female gladiators dish and slash about an office romance. A ten-minute stage combat play.

Ham/thello () A new play by William Shakespeare! (and Jeff Goode):
Iago, Shakespeare's greatest villain, stoops to new heights of evil in order to convince Othello that Prince Hamlet is sleeping with his own mother.
[5m, 3f]

Harriet Harlowe, the Harlot of Marlowe (2008)
A woman of the world instructs a fledgling highwayman in the art of enravagement.
[1m 1f]

Law & Opie () A procedural drama set in the town of Mayberry:
When the town drunk turns up dead, can the sheriff without a gun bring his killer to justice?
[7m, 4f, 1 Opie]

Lear's Labour's Lost (2007) A new play by William Shakespeare! (and Jeff Goode):
King Lear divides his kingdom and swears off women in hopes of spending more time with his books - but when the untimely arrival of the beauteous Princess of France allows Lear's fellow scholars to fall in love with his three duplicitous daughters, the courtly romance that ensues could tear the nation apart.
[6m, 6f]

Maids Made Men (2008)
Two women-disguised-as-men try to outman each other. A ten-minute stage combat play.

Marley's Christmas () The new musical of the critically-acclaimed stage play, Marley's Ghost:
Before Ebenezer Scrooge learned the true meaning of Christmas, another old miser was haunted by the ghosts of his past, present and future. What happened to Jacob Marley, in the seven years since his untimely death, that could convince him to sacrifice everything in order to save the one man he despises most?
[9m, 9f, 3 ghosts, 1 child]

Nomi's Ghost () Showcase for three actors
A simple story of broken hearts and haunted love.
[2m, 1f]

The Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs (1996) Designed to be almost un-producible, this multi-media extravaganza has been popular with audiences, but has never been seen in a full-blown production:
A visual, intellectual and emotional roller-coaster which deals with sexual, religious and artistic exploitation. A tour of the Louvre reveals the story of Leonardo DaVinci's sexual assault on the Mona Lisa and how it led him to paint the Messiah's mom with the Elvis of dinosaurs. (Plus tap-dancing Jesus, cappucino-swilling tyrannosaurs ...and the the devil himself leads you into temptation.)
[6m, 2f, 2 other, plus dancers]

Romeo and Julius [Caesar] () A new play by William Shakespeare! (and Jeff Goode):
A young boy falls in love with the Roman emperor, setting in motion a conspiracy of hate crimes and murder/suicides that threatens to let slip the dogs of war.
[8m, 5f]

Sir Simon's Second (2008)
Decorum forces two seconds to duel on behalf of their absent masters.

Witch Slap! (2014)
Fear grips a medieval town when the spectacle of public witch hunts turns brother against brother. Local witches band together to stop the madness, but they quickly discover that the mass hysteria also pits sister against sister.

Your Swash Is Unbuckled (2008) Stage combat plays for two women, two men, and some of each:
A collection of comical swashbuckles, including Jolly Jack Junior, The Bawdy Brigandess and Lewd Loves of a Lusty Laundress
[2m], [2f], [1m 1f], etc.