"Wickedly funny"
---Los Angeles Times

"wickedly topical"
---New York Times

---Chicago Sun-Times

"Witty... tantalizing... highly recommended!"
---The Chicago Reader

"Put it directly on the top of your wish list."
---Backstage West

"Brilliant. Clever. Wonderful. For those who appreciate stage excellence, this is a must see."

"brisk, funny ... a nice jolt of fun"
---The New Yorker

"delightfully perverse"
---The Chicago Reader

"edgier than a switchblade"
---The Gazette

"refreshing, disturbing, hilarious "
---Naples Daily News

"brilliant satire of gender and sexual politics in contemporary America, filled with penetrating humor"
---L.A. Weekly

"savagely funny"
---Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"a delicious hoof-stomper"
---Orange County Weekly

"hard-hitting in-your-face black comedy"
---Evening Post, Wellington, New Zealand

"possibly the weirdest Christmas play ever written"
---Charleston City Paper

"Get off your butt and go see it."
---Pop Thought

"An explosion of holiday cheer so bewilderingly wrong that Baby Jesus may decide to stay in the womb this year."
---New Times

"riotous alternative seasonal entertainment"
---Theatre Scene