Five films that are irrepressibly delightful and absurdly flawed.

Trapped by the Mormons

Cherry Red Productions & JG Entertainment (2005)

Written & Directed by Ian Allen

Jeff Goode
Executive Producer

Even your screams will be silent!!

Isoldi Keane is the the top recruiter in all of Mormondom ... using his mesmeric powers to ensnare young girls into his evil Mormon web of passion, polygamy and pamphlets! Will young Nora be strong enough to resist his wicked-sexy Mormon wiles? Or will she be forever... Trapped by the Mormons...

... Does the Crystal Temple call you by your name?

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But, good God ... THIS?!

Nora Prescott, a young and delightsome girl, is innocent to the terrifying truth . . . She's being stalked by the most notorious Mormon ever to have walked the Earth. . . Isoldi Keane: Seducer . . . mesmerizer . . . Mormon!

Lurking in the shadows just beyond the safety of the once-safe Prescott villa, Isoldi lays in wait! Can Nora's parents stop the Mormon viper from stealing her away to Utah to be his polygamous sex slave? . . . old Mr. Prescott a helpless paralytic and Mrs. Prescott, a hapless woman.

With deft precision, Isoldi makes his move . . . he speaks to the girl. . . . and to her friends. Her girlfriends. . . . How can they resist his all-conquering Mormon manhood? . . . His fiercely fine looks and evil hypnotic Mormon powers?

Is Isoldi's kiss . . . as he claims . . . The Kiss of a Saint? Will he marry Nora and take her away to where the Great Salt Lake meets the Crystal Temple. Or, will there, indeed, be something darker waiting for Nora . . . slavery . . . sex orgies . . . Death!!

Don't miss out on the fun as we remake the 1922 cult horror classic . . . Trapped by the Mormons.

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"there is nothing evil about them..."

Trapped by the Mormons (1922), starring Evelyn Brent & Louis Willoughby

The making of a Cherry Red studio picture

Cherry Red Productions and Jeff Goode Entertainment conspire to present this hauntingly hip and hilarious remake of the 1922 cult horror classic, Trapped by the Mormons.

Pooling the resources of Cherry Red's nine-year history of producing horny, hoary theater in Washington DC, Trapped by the Mormons was filmed over just four weekends in October. A makeshift studio was built in the warehouse storage space of Washington Shakespeare Company in Arlington, Virginia. Much as in the Ye Olden Days of filmmaking, each of the film's interior settings was built from scratch using flats and WSC's storage set pieces. In the months following the shoot, the film was meticulously "aged" utilizing all the latest technology (like scraping it with dirt). Voila, a silent film for twenty first century!

This silly and sinister remake starring New York drag kingpin Johnny Kat as Isoldi Keane, also features many of Cherry Red's most notorious cult superstars, including Richard Renfield as Elder Kayler, Tony Greenberg as old Mr. Prescott, and Monique LaForce as Sadie Keane. New to Cherry Red's fans is Emily Bedford-Riehl, as Nora.

Adapted and directed by Cherry Red's artistic director Ian Allen (Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack, Baked Baby), Trapped by the Mormons was filmed on versatile (and cheap!) DV film by Chris McKenzie (Art Piece, All the Reverend's Men). Richard Renfield composed the synthetic, trip-hop score; edited and instrumented by DJ Lobster Boy. Other infamous Cherry Redders to have leant a hand included Rhonda Key (costume), Kim Deane (set), and Rabbi Weiss (casting).