Jeff Goode Entertainment was established in 2003 by playwright and screenwriter Jeff Goode - author of The Eight: Reindeer Monologues and creator of Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long - in order to reinvest his ill-gotten gains into artwork that takes unacceptable risks in an increasingly risk-averse world.

  • Trapped by the Mormons is JGE's first foray into film.

  • JGE's second film, Ricky is "Famous!" (a Feature-In-48 production) began scripting on March 31st, 2006 ... And wrapped post-production 48 hours later. The only full-length feature ever to do so.


  • One Jeff Show
    A weekly Facebook Live show hosted by Jeff Goode  


  • Feature-In-48: The Documentary
    Directed by Shawn Adamski - JGE's third film is a documentary about the the making of Ricky is "Famous!"

  • Larry and the Werewolf
    In association with Lazy Eye Films

  • The Talk
    In association with Rogue Theatrics

  • Late Lunch
    In association with Electron City Entertainment & Hedley Productions



  • World Warriors
    A new reality show in association with Yogi & Co. "Green is the new black."
  • Jeff Goode

  • Marley's Christmas (Concert Reading)
    Directed by Dale Gregory - World Premiere of the new musical by Jeff Goode and Jonathan Price

  • No Shame Theatre 20th Anniversary
    Weeklong Festival/Reunion/Jamboree
    & Best of the Best of No Shame
    celebrating 20 years of No Shame

  • Eva Brontosaurus
    Chris Griffin's retro-time-travel girl group

  • Scary Party: A Comedy & Musical Review
    In association with Rogue Theatrics. A late night fundraiser for the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica.

  • Sunday Brunch With Jesus
    In association with Rogue Theatrics. A fundraiser for Unknown Theatre.

  • Seven Santas
    World Premiere reading and holiday party, in collaboration with Unknown Theater

    FIN48 or FIN 48