photo by
Erin Fiedler

Jeff Goode


Selected Stage Experience - Classical
PuckMIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Arts/Lanes, (Chicago)
Doctor PinchCOMEDY OF ERRORS Shakespeare's Motley Crew, (Chicago)
AlonsoTHE TEMPEST Greenview Arts Center, (Chicago)
Peter QuinceMIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Arts/Lanes, (Chicago)
Philario/CorneliusCYMBELINE University of Missouri, (Kansas City), Kristin Linklater, dir.

Selected Stage Experience - Musicals
MacHeathTHE THREEPENNY OPERA The Unusual Cabaret, (Bar Harbor, Maine)
NarcissusNARCISSUS & ECHO The Unusual Cabaret, (Bar Harbor, Maine)
PoeDEAD POETS The Unusual Cabaret, (Bar Harbor, Maine)
DeathESCAPE FROM ELDORADO The Unusual Cabaret, (Bar Harbor, Maine)
AegisthusTHE ELEKTRA FUGUES Bottom's Dream, (Los Angeles)

Selected Stage Experience - Children's Theatre
Ligsby the LitterbugTHE GARBAGE PEOPLE Kaleidoscope Children's Theatre, (Chicago)
WimpWHAT I'M NOT Kaleidoscope Children's Theatre, (Chicago)
Glid GastroPEER PRESSURE PLANET Kaleidoscope Children's Theatre, (Chicago)
BinkyREVENGE OF THE SPACE PANDAS Iowa Summer Rep, (Iowa City)

Selected Stage Experience - New Script Productions
MosesSERPENT'S GUIDE TO THE BIBLE Unknown Theater, (Los Angeles)
FrancophileFRANCOPHILES! Armory Plays, (New York City)
Anne / HarveyANNE FRANK / HARVEY MILK Fine Arts Theatre, (Kansas City)
GodotWAITING ON GODOT Pantechnicon Artworks, (Chicago)
HarlequinLARRY AND THE WEREWOLF Greenview Arts Center, (Chicago)
DasherTHE EIGHT: REINDEER MONOLOGUES Hidden Theatre, (Chicago)

MagicianBROWN SOUP THING Malinius Productions
Limo DriverMOTOROLA INDUSTRIAL Heartland Films
MutantZADAR, COW FROM HELL Stone Peach Productions
FritzSPIRIT OF THE SEASON Image & Communications Specialists - (w/Ernest Borgnine)

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