Newspaper Clippings

"One of the most interesting young writing talents in the off-Loop scene, Goode is in equal parts funny, angry, imaginative, crude and hopelessly over the top."
--Chicago Tribune [1/17/99]
"a smarty-pants theatre cult-god."
--Northern California Bohemian [6/7/01]
"a depraved playwright"
--Denver Post [11/28/02]
"It's easy to see why some might call Jeff Goode 'anti-Christ.'"
--Arizona Daily Star [11/3/03]
"Playwright Goode is a witty wordsmith."
--Akron Beacon Journal [12/9/04]
"Jeff Goode...Fuck yeah!"
--New Times [11/24/05]
"Rascally author Jeff Goode"
--Philadelphia Inquirer [12/15/06]
"Goode's clever writing comes marbled with alliterations and a well-sculpted structure."
--LA Weekly [11/19/07]
"Few fellows have found fancier, funnier ways to turn a phrase than Jeff Goode."
--Back Stage [11/21/07]
"The true Santa of the Cynical Christmas is... Jeff Goode"
--Chicago Tribune [11/29/07]
"Verbal virtuoso Jeff Goode"
--Houston Chronicle [4/11/08]
"A prolific playwright, Goode has unbridled humor, an ink-blot view of the world and an absolute love of words - qualities that serve him perfectly"
--Houston Press [4/17/08]

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