Craig Chesler

Craig Chesler is the rhythm guitarist for Tom Clark & the High Action Boys. Stepping away from the High Action Boys' musical territory on his self-titled solo debut, Chesler ventures into a wide variety of sounds that make up the world called pop: sleigh bells and cool victrola, circus organ and ukulele, electric piano and pedal steel, and the old reliable bass, drums and guitars. Over the course of the CD, all of these sounds are held together by a wall of backing vocals.

Criag Chesler was produced by Tom Clark and Leo Overtoom, who also play on the album. Other musicians who contribute are Phil Cohen, Peter Fand, and Brian Lucey.

Craig Chesler was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in DeKalb, Illinois. He and his guitar have made their home in Iowa City, Bar Harbor, London, San Jose, Seattle, and currently New York City. Coming soon to a city near you.