Love Loves a Pornographer

Dramatis Personae

Lord Loveworthy
Male 40-50 years old, a respected novelist, charming, sophisticated, urbane. British accent a must.

Lady Lillian Loveworthy
Female 40-50 years old, a grande dame with a restrained allure. Lord Loveworthy's wife and mistress of the house. British accent a must.

Emily Loveworthy
Female in her 20's. A proper Victorian daughter trying her best to rebel. British accent a must.

Earl Kant
Male 20-30 years old. Right out of the American Wild West, a rugged outdoorsman- simple, unsophisticated, smelly. American accent (think raccoon hat).

The Reverend Miles Monger
Male 35-45 years old. Chief literary critic for the Daily Times of London. An embodiment of rigid Victorian virtues. British accent a must.

Millicent Monger
Female 30-40 years old. Sweet, bookish, eager to please. British accent a must.

Fennimore the Butler
Male 40-60 years old. The Loveworthy's perfect English butler. Sarcastic