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The Musical

by Jeff Goode & Larrance Fingerhut

copyright © 1994

"It should be produced in Bayreuth every year as an aperitif"
---Eva Wagner-Pasquier

Four actors & a feisty sock puppet attempt to perform Wagner's entire 15 hour opus in 90 minutes. But can this quarrelsome quartet destroy the universe before they destroy each other?
Cast Size: 2m, 2f
Running Time: 90 minutes

Production History


Bar Harbor Times, September 15, 1994
Curtain Up DC, April 5, 2005


Selections from the 1994 original cast recording can be found in the Music Library

A reading copy of the script is kept in the Reading Room

For 12 years - from March 1996 to December 2008 - Ring Cycle was one of the Top 10 most produced plays on the JeffNet!