Die Acht - Combinale / Das Theater - 2001

Photos from the Luebeck, Germany production

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Blitzen, Cupid, Hollywood, Vixen [144k]
Dasher & Dancer [96k]
Hollywood & Dancer [124k]
Vixen [84k]
Comet [112k]
Comet and two St. Nicks [80k]
Cupid [108k]
Donner [100k]
Blitzen [124k]
The stage. [156k]
Dasher, Blitzen, Dancer, Donner [83k]

[publicity photos]
(Knut Friedrich) [39k]
Publicity Photo [38k]

[rehearsal photos]
Dasher and Dancer. [1M]
Cupid and Comet. [800k]
Cupid. [1M]

[costume design portfolio]

[scenic design portfolio]

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