The Eight - Colloquial Theater - 2003

Photos from the Buffalo production

Reindeer press conference (L to R: Brigid Hannon (Comet), Wendy Joan Biddlecombe (Dancer), Richard Coe (Donner), Emilia Fantauzzi (Vixen))
Hollywood (Emi Ovitt) displays her moves for a future Schwarzenegger/ Prancer buddy flick
Blitzen (Alison Skalyo): Ho ho ho, CNN!
Donner (Richard Coe) reflects on the sexual molestation of his son, Rudolph
Dancer (Wendy Joan Biddlecombe) describes her favorite Santa Claus memory
Cupid (Bill Griffin): All my life I've waited for a fat, greasy wifebeater to abuse me and make me squeal
Reindeer press conference (L to R: Amelia Iuvino (Dasher), Bill Griffin (Cupid), Emi Ovitt (Hollywood), Alison Skalyo (Blitzen))

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