The Eight - Accokeekcreek Theatre Company - 2004

Photos from the Alexandria production

Pissed off and sometimes pissed on ... Regen Wilson (Comet), Charmian Crawford (Blitzen), Darius Suziedelis (Cupid), and Erika Imhoof (Blitzen) halt their bickering for a quick family-friendly snapshot.


Now that's just wrong. Andrew Brownstein (Dasher) and Robert Heinly (Donner) confront folks passing by the Old Town Theater in Alexandria.
Vixen (Juliette Kelsey-Chagnon) barely escapes poperotsi but somehow manages to flash a smile as she dashes into the theater.
Matt Jordan (Dancer) and Rob Heinly on the streets of your children! Rob mumbles incoherently about blue states, red states ...
Rob (forefront) and Matthew Anderson (Hollywood) turn tricks (just kidding) on King Street.
Hollywood (aka Prancer, aka Matthew Anderson) reluctantly takes a moment for a photo op.