The Eight - AU Players - 2004

Photos from the Washington, D.C. production

'Scandal' Claus in early stages
AU student Drew Huston auditions for director and producer Thom Ferlisi for a part in Jeff Goode's "Eight Reindeer Monologues." The auditions were held last night in the lobby of Kreeger. Sponsored by the AU Players, the third annual show will take place on Dec.11 and 12 in Batelle Atrium with a $2 charge. [Media Credit: Aileen Dungee]
Students play irreverent 'Reindeer'
AU students put on the play "Eight Reindeer Monologues" Friday and Saturday. The irreverent performance featured the reindeer discussing an accusation that Santa Claus raped Vixen. Some accused Santa of sexually harassing other reindeer, including Rudolph, and said Mrs. Claus was an alcoholic. Thom Ferlisi (above) directed and played Cupid, joined by Eric Jost, Cynthia Caul, Rebecca Krichinsky and others. [Media Credit: Terissa Schor]
[Media Credit: Terissa Schor]

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