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The Return of...NO SHAME L.A.!

We'll put the first fifteen acts who show up on the bill. Five minutes of material. Any material. No rules.

May 14, 2016, at the Market HP in Highland Park; 7 PM show

Audience Admission $10


Highland Park, California
May 14, 2016

1203 Avenue 50
(at York Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

North By South Theatre is going to produce a No Shame on May 14th in Highland Park. We're going to reach out the the No Shame regulars to see if anyone wants to do a piece. Will you send me your No Shame email list? If you want a slot it's yours.

Host: Knighty
Music: Ron Barnett
Order: Julianne Homokay
1) Jeff Goode -
(Jeff Goode, Frank Ensenberger)

2) Steve Olson -
(Steve Olson)

3) Carrie Clough & Jude Evans -
(Jude Evans, Carrie Clough, Julianne Homokay)

4) Richard Nathan -
(Richard Nathan)

5) Mary Burkin - Mister Franklin
(Bobby McGlynn, Steve Olson)

6) Jeff Goode -
(Theresa Stroll, Bobby McGlynn, Jude Evans)

7) Julianne Homokay - Fairy Godmother Goes Rogue
(Jennie Floyd)

8) Donna Suppipat - Trumpity Dumpity Doo
(Knighty, Ron Barnett, Theresa Stroll, Frank Ensenberger, Bobby McGlynn, Julianne Homokay, Donna Suppipat, Adam Hahn; Ron Barnett on keyboard)

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Theatre = "North By South Theatre"
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