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Erie, Pennsylvania
November 30 - December 8, 2012
A Very Goode Christmas

1505 State Street

Two Weekends Only!
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00 p.m.

This holiday season, the PACA proudly presents A Very Goode Christmas, a festival of adult, holiday-themed plays and monologues by Jeff Goode. Mr. Goode is an accomplished playwright who resides in Los Angeles, CA. His most popular play, The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, has been performed across the United States, as well as other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium and Japan.

Each night of the festival will begin with doors opening at 7:30 and The Eight: Reindeer Monologues beginning at 8 PM. However, the second half of the evening will differ on each night.

The second act on Nov 30th and Dec 8th will include A 1-Minute Christmas Carol, The Last Noel, plus the monologues, "Dear Santa" and "Santa Worship" plus a few seasonal songs performed by cast members.

Performances on Dec. 1th and 7th will include the hilarious one-act comedy, The Un-Xmas Story.

The stellar cast includes: Aaron Pacy, Jerry Gill, Domenic DelGreco, Linda Kemp, Scott Frisina, Christine Sanner, Sean Morgan, Kelly Rodland, Jason Fried, Tammy Blount, Howard Savoy, Laurie Urraro Savoy, Jeff Rodland, Lara Snavely, Erica Heilmann, Ken Falkenhagen, and Alex Bolla.

Jeff Rodland directs all of the works presented, with the exception of A 1-Minute Christmas Carol, which is helmed by Jerry Brace. Rodland has directed The Eight three times in the past, and over the years has established a long-distance work relationship with the author. Mr. Goode, announced that he has incorporated Erie into his holiday travel plans. This will allow him the opportunity to see the performances, as well as give the two Jeffs a chance to meet in person.

Showcase's Caleb Mozzocco said The Eight was, "hilariously written and charismatically delivered, and Flyod Lawrence called it, "bent holiday fun." In her review of the The Un-Xmas Story,Su Harrington said, "This irreverently witty tale will defy your expectations from beginning to end, and you'll love every minute of it." The show is recommended for mature audiences, as it contains adult themes and humour that some may find offensive.

Mark Tanenbaum, artistic director
Jeff Rodland, producer
Jerry Brace, scenic design

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues
Directed by Jeff Rodland

Dasher...Aaron Pacy[Nov 30, Dec 1]
Ken Falkenhagen[Dec 7 & 8]
Cupid... Jerry Gill
Hollywood... Domenic DelGreco
Blitzen... Linda Kemp
Comet... Scott Frisina
Dancer... Christine Sanner
Donner... Sean Morgan
Vixen... Kelly Rodland

A 1-Minute Christmas Carol
Directed by Jerry Brace

Scrooge... Howard Savoy
Marley... Sean Morgan
Ghosts... Alex Bolla

[Nov 30 & Dec 7]
Santa Worship (from Anger Box)

performed by Ken Falkenhagen

[Nov 30 & Dec 7]
The Last Noel
Directed by Jeff Rodland

Antigoon... Jeff Rodland
Bornem... Kelly Rodland
Chimay... Sean Morgan
Dobbel... Alex Bolla

[Nov 30, Dec 1 & Dec 7]
Dear Santa...

performed by Lara Schaaf [Nov 30 & Dec 1]
performed by Erica Heilmann [Dec 7]

[Dec 1 & Dec 8]
The UnXmas Story

Directed by Jeff Rodland

Shepherd... Jason Fried
Angel... Tammy Blount
Man... Howard Savoy
Woman... Laurie Savoy
King... Jeff Rodland

[Nov 30 & Dec 7]
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane

performed by Kelly Rodland

A Very Goode Christmas

Performing Artists Collective Association - December 2012

The year following the announcement that the Roadhouse Theater was closing was filled with uncertainty. Although I had continued to perform in productions at the space now known as Theater 145, it just wasn't the same.

In an attempt to "pull the troops together," I began to organize a Christmas variety show to be produced at the now defunct theater. To my chagrin, things did not fall into place for the show, and we ended up canceling. We did not know it at the time, but it was the final nail in the Roadhouse's coffin.

A year later, I started to organize a production of The Eight as a means of lifting my fellow actor's spirits in the wake of the Roadhouse's demise. Once again, the stars did not align for my efforts, and the production did not happen.

It was at this point that Mark and I began plans for PACA, but I also had just started back to graduate school, so my time was limited. After almost 3 years, I was just about to graduate, and Mark called to say that PACA had secured 1505 State.

At that point, I knew I wanted to remount The Eight as a means of bringing the show to fruition. Mark graciously agreed to allow me to stage the production. When I contacted Mr. Goode about a different piece of his that I was directing for The Attack of the PACA event, he sent me a couple of new plays he had written. They were both Christmas shows, and he also mentioned that he was working on a sequel to The Un-Xmas Story.

This got me thinking. We could put on a festival of his holiday-themed work. Jeff seemed open to the idea, and sent me some other things he had written that might fit in to the theme.

I immediately set out to find people to produce some of the work for the festival. As it turned out, it is harder than one might think to get people to commit to projects during the holidays. And so I decided to scale it back to the basics. I wanted to feature The Eight and The Un-Xmas Story, so they were my first choices. I also included a few monologues, as well as a very brief version of Dicken's classic Christmas story, called A 1-Minute Christmas Carol.

In an effort to come full-circle with my other stalled Christmas project, I decided to include some of the performances from the Roadhouse Christmas variety show into the festivities. It feels great to be among so many of my very talented friends, especially creating art together. May you and yours have a happy whatever you all decide call "Christmastime!" Peace.

---Jeff Rodland, "Goode Christmas Present", November 24, 2012

SOURCE: http://paca1505.ning.com/profiles/blogs/a-festival-of-adult-holiday-comedies-by-jeff-goode-featuring-an-e