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Christmas 2009




Alexandria, Virginia
December 4-6, 11-13, 18, 2009


Discover on Artistic Concepts Group's website "Community Spotlight: Watch for Upcoming Events!
LTA's website lists Plaid Tidings under "Previous Performances of the Season" running Dec 5-20
Not certain whether this show replaced The Eight or vice versa.



Whangarei, New Zealand
Christmas 2009
Old Library


A play in which Santa molests and rapes his reindeer has been postponed until after Christmas for fear of shocking festive-spirited families.

Reindeer Monologues was to be performed in Whangarei but was postponed when producers began to fear children would come to the adult-themed performance.

Performances of Reindeer Monologues will begin on March 23 next year.



Ypsilanti, Michigan
Christmas 2009


Are you interested in performing in our winter fundraiser of "The Eight Reindeer Monologues"? If so please contact the director Kyle Farr.
*This is not a children's production. Anyone auditioning under the age of 18 must have a parents consent. Please contact the Director, Kyle Farr for more information. email: dynamicstageproductions@yahoo.com

Note to self: Listed on an audition page, which had been removed by the time I got to it. (Spotted on the Google cached page) Likely this was put up and taken back down quickly. So there is a possibility that the performance was abruptly cancelled.

SOURCE: http://dynamicstageproductions.com/auditions


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 19 & 20, 2009
Cool Yule 2009

30 NE 52nd Street

Saturday & Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

Hilarious Holiday monologues, sketches, and music to set your Yule log a'blazin' and put you in the festive spirit. Past productions have featured selections from Jeff Goode's randy "The Eight" Reindeer Monologues" and Richard Krevolin's "The 12 Daze of Xmas", plus many others. Enrollment is open to TEENS ages 13-18.

Rehearses 8 Weeks
Tuesdays, Nov. 3-Dec. 15
6:00-8:30 pm

2 Shows Only!
Sat. & Sun. Dec. 19 & 20
7:00 pm
Performances will be at the NEW Actors Warehouse Studio located at 30 NE 52nd Street, OKC, OK 73105.

To sign up: Send an email to mdelong@mac.com Call ACTS Acting Academy at 405.702.0400

SOURCE: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/event.php?eid=188237630438


Brooklyn, New York
December 16-18, 2009


ńćetvrtak, 06.08.2009.
Lights up in 4 days
YAY tech week! Long nights, crazy arguments, sugar rushes.... I love tech week! We open on Friday December 3...... and get this, we get to perform on a real stage! It's the school auditorium at P.S. 19 on Staten Island (Clove rd. and Post ave just passed Forest), it is really simple and nice, and the set looks amazing, even though it isn't finished yet. I can't wait! Godspell is going on tour starting in January.... that is kinda exciting, I haven't toured with a show since I was a child. The Eight Reindeer Monologues is coming up soon also, (December 16-18) we had to but up a NC17 rating for it... lol.... they are going to card at the door. I really love working with BTAP! (www.btap.org)
Note - Dec 16-18 is also the erroneous date listed for the 2005 BTAP production, so it's probable that this entry ALSO is also lingering error from 2004

SOURCE: http://vallovirgyling.blog.hr/2009/08/index.html


Christmas 2009


From: peter dixon To: JeffGoode@aol.com Sent: Sun, Sep 20, 2009 10:24 pm Subject: The Eight I wanted to put on a performance of The Eight and was wondering how I go about doing that. I also was wondering if anyone has the rights to turn the play into a film. If not, I was wondering how I could obtain those rights. Thanks, Peter



Iowa City, Iowa
Christmas 2009


Dear Jeff

My name is Sean Christopher Lewis- I am a grad of the MFA Playwrights Workshop and have decided to re-settle in Iowa City with a few other MFA's and found a theater company. We are hoping to do a celebrity version of 8 Reindeer Monologues at the Mill (where we'd have people like Eric Forsythe, Kevin BF Burt and others play the roles on a rotating basis) and I wanted to ask about acquiring the rights?

Hope you're well. Viva Iowa!


SOURCE: email 9/4/09 - Sean Lewis crowns19@yahoo.com


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Christmas 2009


Hi there Jeff

I am inspired to put your play on! I saw it in Australia and I loved it. I am an Aussie living in Canada and would like to perform it in Vancouver during the Xmas period.

At this moment I am a productive and inspired actress. It looks like it will be an amateur production. I would like to inquire how I can make this happen with getting the royalties.

Alternatively, if I can find someone to fund the production how much would the royalties be?

I would love to find a 50-100 seater in Vancouver for a 2 or 3 week run. I would love to have comedic actors. As a casting assistant and director in Canada over the last 4 years i know a lot of fabulous talent!

Thanks so much and congratulations on all your success!

Thanks and cheers,

Productive Australian Hollie!!!

SOURCE: email 9/4/09 from Hollie Meyer holliemeyer@yahoo.com


Portland, Oregon
Christmas 2009


Hey dude, Has anyone secured the Portland rights for it this year? If not I might be interested in producing it this year. -Ben

SOURCE: email from Ben Plont (slateface@gmail.com) on June 20, 2009


London, England
Christmas 2009
This production was postponed and moved to the Union Theatre in 2010 (supposedly. Actually just postponed)

15 Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DD
(directly behind the Victoria Palace Theatre,
100 metres from Victoria station)


My name is Jon Nathan and I am an actor/producer based in London. I have recently formed a production company with an associate of mine, Matt Lloyd Davies and last week we discovered The Eight. We have fallen in love with it! I would like to find out how to go about licensing it for a run of about 3 weeks this coming December. I am currently putting together a budget for my financial backers and was wondering if you could give me some idea about how much it would cost, even a ball park figure at this stage would be helpful. I am anticipating putting it on at a theatre called (believe it or not) The Stag! It's a new, intimate (approx) 70 seater in the West End. We anticipate at this stage having a fairly small budget and would like to get the ball rolling on pre production as soon as possible.



Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Christmas 2009


Kimmie Wrazien implies that they might do the play again (in 2009?):

Post Holiday Greetings Mr. Goode!

Just wanted to pass along some cast photos and a copy of our program.

Also to let you know that it was incredibly well received. Our first weekend we had a total audience count of 80 (which is GREAT for our area) and the second weekend did not do so well mainly due to the weather (we had to cancel one performance due to a snow storm) and because it was the weekend right before the holidays. So we will know to schedule better for next year! But we had great feed back from those that did attend and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all! And I know the cast and myself had too much fun rehearsing and performing it.

SOURCE: email from Kimmie Wrazien 1/5/09


Portland, Oregon
Christmas 2009

Hello Jeff, Do you know if Ann Marie is still in Oregon? Anyone ask for "The 8" in Portland for XMAS '09? Anyone doing it here this year? No, I don't want to direct it this year, not enough time. But I'm thinking seriously on next year. If Ann Marie was still around, I'd like to talk with her early because she was interested in switching roles and I want to know if she's still game. But golly, I haven't talked with her in years! Ta, Lichen

SOURCE: Facebook email from Lichen on 10/27/08