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Sydney, Australia
September 20, 22, 24, 26, 2010
The Other Room

Mon 20th @ 20:00
Wed 22nd @ 18:30
Fri 24th @ 17:00
Sun 26th @ 18:30 & 21:30


Anger Box, a collection of new monologues by Jeff Goode, takes a screwed-up, funny look at the Big Question -- you know, the God Question -- and the bizarre conclusions people sometimes draw.

Does anyone believe in God ...really? Do we get a last meal after death row? How did God think to call himself God? Does anyone understand why homosexuals are homosexual? Is it wrong to love Satan? Is it wrong to love Santa? Is it wrong to want to screw the pope? And what is up with Carol-Ann, anyway?!!!

Directed by Stephen Lloyd-Coombs (The Kings Fools)


Dave Jones

Ines Vaz De Sousa

Mitch Feltscheer