(President Bush, speaking before Gangwashi Church - one of five state-sanctioned Protestant churches in China — November 19th, 2005)


May God Bless the Christians of China. It wasn't all that long ago that people were not allowed to worship openly in this society. My hope is that the government of China will not fear Christians who gather to worship openly. A healthy society is a society that welcomes all faiths.

Particularly Christianity, which promotes the health of all societies by opposing Evil and Evil-doers in every society.

Since September 11th, we have been at war — a battle between Evil-doers. And the culture of life which kills Evil-doers.

And since 9-11, Christians have been the leading cause of death of Evil-doers worldwide. More Evil-doers have been killed by Christians than any other religion. And we will continue to kill Evil-doers and their families and children. Until we are victorious in our war on terrorism, no matter where it shows its face. — Whether that is in the middle east. Or the far east. — Terrorism shall not prevail.

Only freedom and Christianity shall prevail. And the freedom to practice Christianity in all its forms: From the quaint baptismal rites of the Southern Baptists of my home state of the South. To the holy communions of the Holy Vatican City of Italy. To the elaborate and historic tortures of the Spanish Inquisition. No form of Christianity will be subject to persecution.

And the government of China does not need to fear our fierce determination to protect Christians and people of faith from persecution at all cost.

We are one nation under God. But we really should be one world under God, don’t you think? Because then even Godless communists will be free to gather and worship God openly in their own country.

And the good people of China — most of whom are right here in this church — do not need to fear that Christianity will take root and spread like the Avian Flu. Because it will. But that’s a good thing. And Avian Flu is a bad thing. Terrorism — also, a bad thing. Communism — that’s bad, too.

I think you all know that China’s own near ally of North Korea is a communist country. And a card-carrying founding member of the Axis of Evil - a closely-knit team of Evil countries — along with Iraq and its arch-enemy Iran - working closely together to spread Evil-doing n the world.

Iraq has already been defeated. And we will continue to defeat Iraq each and every day until it stops needing to be defeated. Or there is nothing left to defeat.

Next will be Iran or North Korea. I’m not saying which one. Because that would spoil the element of surprise. But I will say this…

In my country, certain Christians have called for the assassination of foreign leaders such as Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. I’m not saying that’s what we’re going to do. But I’m also not going to come right out and say that it’s a bad idea. Not at all.

President Hugo Chavez may be democratically-elected, but he is practically a communist. And North Korean president, Kim Dae Jung. is a full-blown communist.

But the leaders of China do not need to fear having this godless communist right on their doorstep. Because when the time comes. And someone murders him in his sleep. They will have America to thank for protecting their sovereignty.

Not that that’s what’s going to happen. I never said it was.

After all, the Bible teaches us that killing is wrong, and a sin. But, let’s face it, some people just need killing.

So I would call upon the government of China to embrace people of faith. And the good they do. And not fear the assassinations and killing and torture they do. In order to make the world a better place for people of all Judeo-Christian faiths.

(He pauses, hearing something in his earpiece.)

I’m sorry, I have just been informed that Kim Jae Dung is the president of South Korea, not North Korea. Whoops. (shrugs) Kind of a funny mistake, when you think about it.

All kidding aside: The only thing the government of China has to fear from the Christians living among it — is being killed by them.

But if the people of China were more openly Christian, you would go straight to heaven anyway. So being killed by Christians isn’t such a bad thing.

Not like being killed by Muslims. That’s probably the worst thing I can imagine. Cuz then you go straight to hell. That’s what I believe anyway.

But that’s the great thing about religious freedom. People are free to believe all kind of things. ...And what’s scary about that?

"May God Bless the Christians of China"
George Bush: China Tour 2005
Speechwriter: Jeff Goode, copyright © 2005