(President Bush, speaking before a disillusioned electorate — October 24th, 2006)


Now I know there's been a lotta talk lately about how we're not gonna talk about stayin' the course anymore. And that's true. We're not gonna talk about it. That word is banished from the lingo. Stayin' the course? I don't even know what that means. What course? And how do you stay on it? Stayin' means standin' still. And we're movin'. All the time. Constant motion. Ziggin' and zaggin'. Like a-- Like a rocket, that's right. Always makin' like a beeline straight for the target. Which is victory. Never changin' course. Always dead on target. Not flip-floppin' like a Democrat. Makin' course corrections maybe, sure. Makin' little adjustments here and there to keep our enemies on their toes. Our enemies in the press. Our enemies in the opposition party. Our enemies in Iraq even. Serving patriotically in our military. But enemies nonetheless. Enemy combatants I like to call 'em. Because they're in combat. And they're against us. Like enemies. And you know what we do with enemy combatants...

No you don't.

Cuz that's a secret. If we told you what we did with enemy combatants, then they could fight back. They could say we were imprisoning them unfairly, or torturing them. And then we'd have to stop. Which we would never do, because we're not torturing anybody. Never done it. Never will. Heck, we don't even want to torture anybody. Nope. But I'd like to have the option. Wouldn't you like to have the option of torturing someone who was about to torture you? Or torture your children? Torture your dog, maybe?

Cuz that's what America is about. Options. Freedom of choice. And I'd like to have the option of takin' away that freedom of choice if I decide the people using it, aren't using it the right way. Like the Democrats. They'd like to "Cut and Run". They'd like to vote out the patriotic American Republicans that YOU elected. Just because they don't like the way the country is going.

Well, let me tell you something, the country is headed in the right direction. And we're not gonna change direction just because most of you think there's better directions out there. I've got advisers, and they let me know what directions there are, and I decide. And I can tell you, those other directions - you don't want to go there. I can't tell you why. Cuz that's a secret. National security. If the terrorists knew there were better directions, they'd use that against us. They'd try to convince us to do things in our own best interests instead of fighting all the time. But that's not gonna happen. Not on my watch.

We already lost 2000 Americans on September 11th. And I'm not gonna let us lose another 2000 ever again, no matter what. No matter who it hurts.

Not counting Hurricane Katrina, of course. I don't count that as 10,000 American lives we could have saved. I can't tell you why we don't count 'em. Cuz that's a secret. You just have to trust me. But we don't.

But we do count the 3000 American service men and women who've died in Iraq, and I'll tell you why. Because the fact that we've lost more American lives trying to prevent a terrorist attack, than we ever have in all the terrorist attacks in history combined. Just goes to show how determined I am to make sure we never have another September 11th. I will let every man, woman and child in this country die a horrible death before I let terrorists kill 2000 more of our people, needlessly, senselessly, for no good reason.

And I know that sounds crazy. But it's supposed to sound crazy. Because that's the only language they understand. I'm like a suicide bomber that way. I'll destroy everyone in this country, and I'll destroy everything this great nation stands for, before I let someone stand in the way of America becoming, whatever I decide America should be. And the evil-doers know that. And they're scared.

And I know some of you are scared, too. That's okay. That's natural. That's what happens when you let terrorists run things. You get terror.

But a great President once said - And I think he was even a Democrat President, believe it or not - Not a 'cut and run' Democrat, like we have now, but a Great President. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said, and I'm gonna have to paraphrase, cuz he was kinda long-winded, but FDR said, "The only thing we have.... is fear itself."

So on November 2nd, I want you to go into that voting booth, and use your fear. Vote with your fear. Vote for Republicans who will protect you from terrorism and war and high taxes. And gays, and immigrants from other countries. Especially South American countries. Especially Mexico. Is there anything more terrifying than a gay Mexican coming into this country and marrying your daughter and raising your taxes? I didn't think so.

And if you're Republican, vote on the 7th.

I'll tell you one thing that's scarier than what I just mentioned, and that's Mark Foley. He's gay. And he's from Florida. Where they've got a lot of Mexicans. I know you've heard a lot about this Mark Foley lately. He used to be a Republican. But we threw him out. He got caught, and we don't allow that in the Republican party, so he's out of the party for good. And you know what that means? Now he's a Democrat.

So if you like Gay page-molesting Congressmen, go ahead and vote for the Democrats. But I don't think you want that. Can't tell you why I know. That's a secret. But you don't. Trust me.

You've got to keep trusting me, cuz that's the only way we're going to win this. I don't mean the war - cuz we're never gonna win that. I mean the election. If we don't stay the course and keep doing what we've always done. How are we ever going to get finished? Think about that. That's a puzzler.

We've got to stick with the program or we're never gonna get results. And that's one thing I can promise you. I get results. You may not like the results. But I get them. And I don't know of one single yellow-bellied "cut and run" Defeat-a-cat can promise you the same.

Results. American results. Republican results. Come and get 'em.

"(not) Staying the Course"
George Bush: 2006 Midterms
Speechwriter: Jeff Goode, copyright © 2006