Virtual Jeff's Mailbag

I recently saw a collection of your work in Washington, DC done by Cherry Red Productions, it rocked! All I have to say is thank you for writing real, fucked up, awesome shit that is funny, yet makes sense in so many different ways.

The show was packed and sold-out -- about 110 people in all. And the show was a huge hit. Our fears that the themes might be too repetitive or that the monologue format might get tiresome were apparently ... uh... WRONG. People laughed their friggin guts out. And the final monologue -- This Rock -- brought the every last cynical-hipster one of 'em to the verge of tears or beyond -- myself among them.

I hope you have a moment to read this. A friend of mine sent me some stuff from "Anger Box", which she is currently working on. I enjoyed the piece immensely, but, wanted to specifically address THIS ROCK.

In August 2001, I moved to NYC. I had been here for 3 weeks and had been on my job at the WTC 9 days when the towers were attacked. I was in Tower 2. I finished reading this monologue about 30 minutes ago. To say that it affected me strongly is an understatement. I think that your work on this monologue is some of the most astute, poignant and beautiful approaches to an actual event, that I have read. The anger, frustration, loss and confusion were personal to me. And, you have found a way to make them personal for others. I applaud your approach and your refusal to go for the easy emotional pull. This event was real. And so is this character and the emotions and turmoils he is struggling to grasp.

Thank you. It is September 10th. Ironically, reading this tonight was healing for me. I have not known where I was this year. On this date. Somehow, this gave me some focus and the questions it brought to me are ones I will ponder, but not ones that will haunt my dreams.

I cannot thank you enough. Sorry if this seems to gush. Again, I just finished it.

Best of luck to you always. I look forward to your next work.

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