Baltimore CityPaper

Baltimore CityPaper - December 19-25, 2001

The Year on Stage

By Anna Ditkoff, Mike Giuliano and Jack Purdy

[excerpt from year end review of the top 10 stage plays of 2001]

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre Jeff Goode's bizarre yet thought-provoking holiday play turned the usual God-bless-us-everyone sentimentality of Christmas theater on its ear with a look at the dysfunctional family that is Santa and his eight reindeer. The Spotlighters cast, especially Wayne Willinger, Jessica Conway, and Leslie Wieczorek, attacked The Eight with such energy and commitment that, despite the silly antlers, the work's universal themes came across loud and clear without ever sounding preachy or pedantic, making this play about deer that can fly more than just a kooky novelty act. (AD)