Behind the Curtain Cincinnati
December 6, 2014


EIGHT: THE REINDEER MONOLOGUES presented by Falcon Theater through Dec. 13. I attended the opening night performance.

Already had your fill of holiday "cheer?" Are you going to [ginger] snap if you hear one more song about that fat man and his sled of toys? Are you looking for something or someone to deck, besides the halls? If so, Falcon has the "holiday" show for you...

Scandal is rocking the North Pole with Christmas hanging in the balance. Santa's elite, eight reindeer are divided into two camps, and each has a chance to tell their story.

The set, designed by Mark Williams, is a great concept and visually well-done. It also gives director Tara Williams multiple options for play areas, of which, she fully takes advantage with her blocking.

All eight performers are strong and offer solid interpretations of their individual characters. The quality of the writing, of the individual monologues, does vary. My personal favorites are those of Cupid (Mike Fielder), Blitzen (Linnea Bond), Dancer (Lisa D. Dirkes) and Donner (David Levy). For laughs, Dirkes' not-to-bright Dancer and Fielder's "festive," but not so festively-dressed, Cupid top the list.

Of the eight, AJ Ford as Hollywood seemed the least comfortable with his material. I also thought that there was a bit more comedy available in Dasher's rant, (played by Eric Day) if you bear in mind the number of head traumas Dasher has received over the years.

THE EIGHT: REINDEER MONOLOGUES is a fun and laugh out loud alternative to the normal holiday offerings. But definitely not for the young or easily offended. Opening night did sell out, so I recommend advance purchase of tickets.

My rating: 4.0 out of 5