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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 6th - 28th August

Poona the F*!kdog
Venue Roman Eagle Lodge (Venue 21)
Address 2 Johnston Terrace
Reviewer Colin Donati

A late night comedy ensemble piece from over the Atlantic. A rather slapdash affair full of chaotic energy. Poona’s a fuckdog from the desert who doesn’t quite know what she wants from life until her wishes are answered by the Fairy Godphallus. Soon she discovers that, whatever it was, she doesn’t want it any more, but is too naive to change her ways. It’s the cynical Land of Do where the handsome king only wants casual sex, crass tv rules the world and the aliens in vain search for the right play only offend everyone they meet. If you love adverts, nuclear holocaust and the American salesman, you won’t be too interested.

Runs till the 27th, at 23.45hrs

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