The Portrait of the Virgin Mary
Feeding the Dinosaurs

by Jeff Goode

Opus 1 - ballet for actors and audience

copyright © 1994

inspired by Avy Claire's painting,
"But you said this was a peace offering"

[The Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs is a work-in-progress]


Sc. 1 Disclaimer
Sc. 2 P of the VM
Sc. 3 Cafe Saurus
Sc. 4 Still Life
Sc. 5 Eat Your Cheerios, Jesus
Sc. 6 Rex!
Sc. 7 Jesus hears Ave Maria
Sc. 8 Cafe Saurus 2
Sc. 9 Nude Descending a Staircase
Sc. 10 Mephistopheles
Sc. 11 Rex eats the Crucifix / Virgin Mary's Dream
Sc. 12 Stegosaurus and the Virgin Mary
Sc. 13 Cafe Cafe Cafe
Sc. 14 Parable of the Brontosaurus
Sc. 15 Movie Review / (Land of the Lost)
Sc. 16 Lisa's Song
Sc. 17 Slide Show
Sc. 18 Temptation
Sc. 19 "Jack, I need a new model"
Sc. 20 Everyman
Sc. 21 Temptation of Tyrannosaurus Rex
Sc. 22 Cafe Saurus Yes/No
Sc. 23 Biodegradable Computers
Sc. 24 Dance of Destruction
Sc. 25 I think...
Sc. 26 Intermission

Sc. 28 Jack I need a new model
Sc. 29 1-800-VirginM
Sc. 30 Moses Impression
Sc. 31 Star in the Western Sky
Sc. 32 Portrait of the Virgin Mary
Sc. 33 History of Mace
Sc. 34 Portrait of the Virgin Mary (cont'd)
Sc. 35 Cafe Saurus - Mace
Sc. 36 Still Life by Lisa
Sc. 37 Sexual Harassment
Sc. 38 Rex in Bethlehem
Sc. 39 Lisa's Prayer is Answered
Sc. 40 Suicide Note
Sc. 41 Rex/Elvis - Rafael's Dream
Sc. 42 Phil Dinosaur Show
Sc. 43 Eight Naked Pictures!!
Sc. 44 Rex / Jesus
Sc. 45 Sound Check
Sc. 46 Rex/Jesus (cont'd) Woman Taken in Adultery
Sc. 47 Flowers
Sc. 48 Fashion Show
Sc. 49 Temptation of Christ
Sc. 51 Rorschach Test

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