This is piece that was created as a writing exercise for a project called Word Games, which involved words picked at random from the dictionary. To my knowledge, it has never been performed.


by Jeff Goode


Futurity by Jeff Goode (copyright © 2001)
All rights reserved. This script may not be performed, printed, downloaded or re-transmitted without the author's consent.

I don't know what the future will be like.  But I'd rather live there.  Today there are a lot of problems.  The future may have a lot of problems, too.  But at least they won't be these problems.  These problems are starting to piss me off.  I'd rather live somewhere where all I had to worry about was robot dictators telling us what to do, to be quite honest.  At least you know where you stand with robot dictators.  They're firm, but fair.  Or if they're not fair, at least they're consistent.  Predictable.  You know when you've disobeyed a directive.  Even if it's a bad directive, you at least knew you had it coming.  But nowadays you don't know.  Everything changes back and forth.  Like they're TRYING to make things difficult.  Like the n-word.  It used to be normal.  I'm not saying it was okay, but it was normal.  It was what everybody used.  And then it was "No, the correct word is negro".  But then it was colored and negro was bad because it suggested black, but colored was more non-specific so that was better.  But then it was black.  "No, not colored because then you're racist", and then it was Afro-American and then it was African American.  "No, not Afro-American.  What are you some kind of racist?  I don't care what I told you before, no, it's AFRICAN American."  Now I hear it's going to be Trans-African.  But really it's not about the word.  What's the right word.  It's about you don't KNOW the right word.  And if you figure out the right word, we're gonna change it.  So you, by definition, do not know the right word, so you, by definition, are racist.  How do you like that apple?  At least the robots, we'll know what to call them.  Cuz they'll tell us.  It'll be in one of the directives and we'll know.