Chico Cabaret

Chico, California

Chico Cabaret opened it's doors on January 19th, 2001. We felt honored to get the very best that Chico has to offer with many well-known residents, actors, business owners and city leaders working together to help us create our new home. Since then, we have made enormous improvements to the inside. Sitting around a table with frriends and family or having the elbow-space to talk, relax and have a drink or dessert while waiting for our uproarious musicals or side-splitting comedies to begin makes the Chico Cabaret the most unique theatre environment North of Sacramento.

Chico Cabaret was proud to offer our community quality theatrical productions for over 11 years! These shows included a wonderful diversity; Evil Dead The Musical, I Love You're Perfect, Now Change, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Rocky Horror to name just a few.

Although we've moved out of our building, it doesn't mean we're all washed up! In fact, we hope to continue to provide more exciting theatrical productions in the future.

Formed in January, 2001, The Chico Cabaret was a non-profit (501C3) organization, however In 2012 the organization was disbanded. We had a very special theatre family for 11 years. We are working on creating a NEW group of volunteers, technicians, designers, dancers, musicians, and actors who have a desire to work in collaboration to create another unique venue. While we don't know what adventure lies ahead, we are looking forward to re-connecting and playing with our family again, and performing for our audiences. We are also always looking for new people who are interested in what we do.