directed by Jamie Babbit (ep. 1-5)
James Brett (ep. 6-10)
Jonathon Buss (ep. 11-15)
George Verschoor (ep. 16-20)
Christopher J. Slater (ep. 21-25)
Dale Roy Robinson (ep. 26-30)
written by Rick Bitzelberger
Dina Marie Chapman
Tom Crehan
Steven S. DeKnight
Graham Flashner
Jeff Goode
Jennifer Johnson
Neil Landau
writing supervised by Marcy Gray Rubin
& David Silverman
produced by Jeremiah Samuels
executive produced by Roland Joffé


CAST (in order of appearance, approximately)

RORY(Jeremy Maxwell)A high school student with a heavy crush on Jana and not a clue what to do about it
DOC(Justin Urich)Rory's best friend, he's boisterous and always looking for a good time
JANA(Sam Doumit)Doc's ex-girlfriend, the target of Rory's affections, and more than a little confused about it
GINA(Mimi Rose)
KIKI(Sommer Knight)College dorm sex connoisseur with a thing for virgins
ERIC(Eric Winter)
TONY(Ryan Carpentier)
MARK(Luke Edwards)
KATIE(Caroline Keenan)
DAVE(Nick Stabile)
OLLIE(Paul Levenhagen)
VERUCA(Amy Moon)
ANNETTE(Christie Lynn Smith)
TODD(Coby Ryan McLaughlin)
KERRI(Raci Alexander)
ROB(Robby Sutton)
KYLE(Thad Luckinbill)Tina's even-tempered, good-humored boyfriend
Z(Trevor Lissauer)He may seem like a geek to the "fearsome foursome," but there's something about him that's hard to dislike
JARED(Dempsey Pappion)Kyle's best friend, he finds himself pressured to teach Kyle's girlfriend Tina the path of perfect oral satisfaction
TINA(Bree Turner)The cute and popular soccer-playing high school student who's always at war with her sexually manipulative older sister, Liz
ALEXANDRA(Leslie Eavers)
WENDY(Venus DeMilo Thomas)
MARY(Erin K. Flynn)
JULIE(Jaclyn Guitterez)
CLIFF(Bryce Johnson)
EVAN(Jon Huertas)
NIKKI(Elizabeth Erikson)
JERI(Heather Waters)
CLIFF'S FRIEND(Grant Garrison)
HOWIE(Kelly Mantle)
THEO(Brandon Keener)
LOU(Andrew Caple-Shaw)
JOEY(Jordan Belfi)
ROSS(Marcus Dean Fuller)
JENNY(Lisa D. Brenner)
LEXY(Chene Lawson)
JAKE(Dante Basco)
SARAH(Emily Mura-Smith)
STEVE(Bailey Chase)
EMMA(Suzanne Davis)A busybody Psychology major who passes out her sex advice on her website 'Emmadvice'
BRIAN(Matthew Carey)Emma's boyfriend. A cute, shy, emotionally repressed college student who always has the typical guy's answer to every question..."I dunno..."
TIFFANY(Heather Miller)
DANI(Bahni Turpin)Sally's wise-cracking best friend who gives advice that Sally ignores. Also in her early 20's. A hip, African-American who has a quick wit and Sally's best interests at heart
SALLY(Nicole Nieth)In her early 20's. A budding fashion designer on a quest to find out why her ex-boyfriends have all broken up with her before their 8 month anniversary
STAN(Robert Della Cerra)Sally's boyfriend
BILLY(Marc Blucas)Sally's ex-boyfriend who dumped her and went to Fiji
PETE(Shaun Weiss)A love-sick delivery guy who's seen too many pornos
CHUCKIE(Todd Babcock)A plumber who was Sally's boyfriend in second grade
LIZ(Sarah Lancaster)Tina's older sister, a high-school junior, very pretty and very petty. Has a reputation for being easy
MELISSA(Emily Kay)The leader of the Fearsome Foursome, hellbent on getting her Way
DEBBIE(Kimberlee Peterson)The most naive member of the group, never had a boyfriend
STACEY(Jessica Friedman)The most grounded member of the "Fearsome Foursome", who has a steady boyfriend
JEANINE(Shauna Thomas)
JONAS(Ryan Thomas Brockington)The newly-available high school quarterback, whose affections the Fearsome Foursome contend for.
IAN(Ryan Scott Greene)
DEAN(Christopher Pettiet)A cute college student bent on losing his virginity -- but not to just anybody
CLAIRE(Nicole Hawkyard)A semi-gothic college beauty with a taste for poetry and an aversion to shallowness
HART(Chris Babers)
VINCENT(David Boyd)
AMY(Jill Noel)Jana's kid sister, who likes to torture Rory with personal questions
GWEN(Kala Savage)
ANDY(Nicholas Gonzalez)A handsome, openly gay twenty-something who has to deal with a hidden stack of straight porn
JOEL(Eyal Podell)Andy's lover and owner of the straight porn
GREG(Pedro Balmaceda)Andy and Joel's friend who assumes the role of mediator to keep Andy and Joel's relationship from falling apart. He also makes a mean batch of cookies
PAUL(Brandon Karrer)Another friend of Andy and Joel's who comes to the intervention.
TOMMY(Brian Galyean)Joel's ex. A porn star.
BRICK(Terry Simpson) Andy's brother, who loves his macho Navy job and thinks beer is an entree
NED(Allen Cutler)Brick's best friend in the service, he's much quieter than his shipmate
DEE(Christian Benz Belnavis)A teenager who hit the big time in the NBA right out of high school and isn't sure how to handle what success is bringing him
COOTIE(Antonio David Lyons)Dee's best friend and unofficial manager
JACKIE(Reagan Gomez- Preston)Cootie's love interest and Dee's kinda-sorta girlfriend
DARNELL(Corey Mendell Parker)
KEESHA(Stacey Fields)
JANELLE(Crystal Scales)
RANDALL(Karim Prince)
MUSCULAR GUY #1(Earl Preacely)
MUSCULAR GUY #2(Sydney Colston)
STACKED WOMAN(Justina Jupiter)
JACK(Chris Grillo)Liz and Tina's older brother, who has just come back from Japan with a fiance
YUMI(Ai Wan)Jack's Japanese bride-to-be, she has a sharp eye for the human condition and sees through Liz and Stacey right away
SAMANTHA(Francesca Ingrassia)Dean's sister who married her gay friend Jonathan to keep him in the country
JONATHAN(Phillip Rhys)An English mountain climber who married Samantha to stay in the country, even though he has a male lover, Kirk
JOAN(Julie Anna Laffer)Samantha's jealous lover
KIRK(Peter Paige)Jonathan's lover, a police-officer on beach patrol
TODD J. DOUGLAS(Elimu Nelson)the INS agent checking on Jonathan and Samantha's marriage
LEA(Miranda Kent)a Berkeley grad and liberal activist who struggles with her responsibility for her niece, Rhiannon
MICHAEL(Fabrizio Filippo)Leah's boyfriend who's ready to settle down
RHIANNON(Christina Hendricks)Leah's 17-year-old niece, energetic and naive, who idolizes her free-living aunt
RICKY(Erik Alexander Gavica)a guy Rhiannon met in a bus station who never runs out of eccentric rapper rhymes
(Guest appearances are listed in the episode guide)

supervising producer Dale Roy Robinson
line producer Page Feldman
production designer Charles M. Lagola
costume designer Molly Elizabeth Grundman
casting director Pamela Azmi- Andrew
creative consultant Dan Kopelman
1st assistant directors Nicholas Delfino
Tim Andrew
Paul Silver
Patrick James Turner
production supervisors Daryl Sancton
Joy T. Tan
Michael "Spike" Briesen
directors of photography Uta Briesewitz
Eric J. Haase
Mark Mervis
Shane Kelly
2nd unit director Jessica Wilson
art director Drew Boughton
set decorator Beau Peterson
supervising propmaster Chris "Xris" Frank
post production supervisor Susan Altstaedter
music supervisor/editor Brian Friedman
video engineering supervisor Ken Roy
sound mixers Felipe Borrero, c.a.s.
Gregory Clark
Jim Ridgley
David Charnow
boom operators Tom Cunliffe
Speed Ratliff
Troy Swezey
video engineers Sam R. Harrison III
Adam Rosenblatt
Jeffrey Shafer
production accountant Kirstopher A. Robinson
assistant accountant David Melito
clearance coordinator Kathryn Takis
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production coordinator Joel Peterson
asst. production coordinator Julie Fay
assistant to the supervising producer Damla Dogan
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vp. network standards Avery Cobern
director, rights & clearances Anita Chinkes
rights & clearances Dawn La Lima
vp. law & bus. affairs Mary Frances Budig
director, original programming Jacquelyn M. French
executive consultant Pamela K. Long
executives in charge of production John Miller
Dawn Parouse


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