CAST (in order of appearance, approximately)

KIM (Ali Hillis) Kim is a frustrated cellist and a professional dental hygienist. Kim is afraid to get close to a guy, especially one that is too handsome.
MILES(Jason Thompson) Miles is a frustrated Broadway actor, "a never was," who sells insurance during the day.
DONNIE (Bobby Jacoby) Donnie is Kim's boyfriend
JAMIE (Eddie Ebell) Jamie is a drama student who thinks love is a real drag, but he likes the idea of playing spin the bottle in a wig with Sabrina.
VANESSA (Lackey Bevis) Vanessa is in love with Jamie, and sick of helping him get other girls.
SABRINA (Rianna Loving) Sabrina, who might need glasses, doesn't want appear too easy, but it's easy for her to shop.
LEO(Eddie Ebelt)Sabrina's boyfriend. Leo doesn't say much of anything.
ERICEric has always dreamed of kissing a lesbian. Eric falls hard on the first date. His enthusiasm is sweet, but lacks finesse.
DOMINIQUE (Alissa & Heidi Kramer) Mona's "uptight," glasses-wearing twin sister might not be as uptight as she seems.
MONA Mona, a lesbian with a"wandering eye," will do anything for a car, including switching teams.
JOY(Rose Freymuth-Frazier)Joy loves the new "Mona." Joy is very understanding and very forgiving.
JONATHAN(Matt Raftery)Jonathan is a fast learner, according to Mona.
HOPE(Kayren Butler)Hope, a fine florist, is attracted to George/Alex, would rather take a hot bath than go on a bad date, and believes that all's fair in love and war.
TESSTess, a travel agent, has phony parts, likes phone sex, and meeting new people.
ALEX, a.k.a. GEORGE (David O'Donnell) Alex, a.k.a. George, is a fireman who wanted to be a stuntman. He also brings a girl flowers on the first date. Aww...
BURKE (Travis Wester) Burke, a typical college guy is in love with Lori, has a fake girlfriend named Natalie and is proficient at origami.
LORI (Anastasia Horne) Lori is falling for Burke, but that's only because she goes for guys who already have girlfriends.
KEVIN(Darris Love)Kevin, Burke's roommate, is a straight shooter, and has an inflatable gal stuffed in his closet.
KIP(Billy O'Sullivan)Kip can't play hockey and can't show his face to his crush, Rebecca.
REBECCA(Andi Eystad)Rebecca is a gymnast and a hockey junkie.
OWEN (Adam Wylie) Owen doesn't mind telling a tall tale to help a friend land a girl.
CHUCKChuck has gonorrhea and he thinks he got it from his girlfriend Jane.
JANE(Dru Mouser)Jane swears she's not cheating on Chuck, except that she's fooling around with her ex, Peter.
PETERPeter lives with Sisca, but loves to ravage Jane in his spare time.
SISCASisca is a supposed goodie-goodie who bakes cookies for her second graders.
JIM (Troy Bishop) Jim is an ex-jock who hasn't dated since ending up in his wheelchair.
ANNIEAnnie is a dancer who would love to take Jim on a spin around the dance floor.
RENZO(Mathew Scollon)Renzo will do anything to land a woman, including pretending to be handicapped.
CARLACarla is Annie's "cold" buddy who tells Annie to break her date with Jim because he may not be full-functioning.
LUCINDALucinda can only forgive Renzo so many times. This may be the last. As a future nurse, she may need more patience.
MAXMax is a popular high school, prom king-kind of guy who likes to write poetry on the sly.
CASSIDY(Jordan Wood)Cassidy is a prissy prom queen who wants to go to Vassar. But she's holding out on Max.
BONNIEBonnie, a comic artist, can also boogie down with the best of them. Bonnie is a really pretty girl who has to learn to stop putting herself down.
MONICAMonica, the evil high school troublemaker, still plays with dolls. What does that tell you?
STAN Chad BrannonStan is not the man, when it comes to Monica.
MARETH (Jordana Spiro) Mareth, though recently hot for Josh, isn't yet willing to forget her five year crush on Rick.
RICKRick feels badly for stealing Devon from Josh, but not enough to let her go.
JOSHJosh is angry with Rick for stealing his date, Devon. Then what's he doing with his jolly good British mitts all over Mareth?
DEVON (Catherine Nagan Head) Devon is deathly allergic to seafood and prefers the butler to the main course.
CASEYCasey doesn't quite know what to do when he gets up to bat with Megan.
MEGANMegan thinks her volcano is dormant as long as Casey is in charge.
DINADina thinks that she's destined to be the world's most desirable woman.
BRADBrad dates Katrina, who constantly puts the brakes on him.
KATRINAKatrina is terrified of spiders, and thinks it's sweet that Brad is scared of the dark, but she still won't sleep with him.
RUDDYRuddy screams like a girl. Ruddy thinks the best way to get over a woman is getting more booty.
ALLISON(Angell Conwell)Allison doesn't take being scared lying down.
DENISEDenise, a.k.a. Double D, is actually only a 36C. And you think you know a person.
BRADYBrady thinks Jamie is the one for her. She's clingy, but his heart lies with Vanessa.
AMBERAmber is after Ruddy and lucky for Ruddy reciprocates until ... the lights go out.
BRYCE(J. August Richards)Bryce is a park ranger from Idaho looking to save some endangered birds. Bryce tried to win $25,000 on a game show called the "Love Nest," where he wound up falling for his Love Nest date, Corey. Things got interesting when Corey's ex-boyfriend stopped by with a big…checkbook.
COREY(Danielle Nicolet)Corey is looking to make her ex-boyfriend jealous on the game show, Love Nest.
RUSSELLRussell is a smooth, suave millionaire who wants to win Corey back.
LOVE PESTLove Pest doesn't really have much to do in this episode. But not to worry, he'll be back in his beak soon.
KITTY (Cerina Vincent) Kitty likes Milo because he actually listens to what she says. She's realizing there's more to life than her sorority.
MILOMilo isn't afraid of variables when it comes to math, but Kitty is a different story.
DALEDale is a little dim when it comes to Kitty's needs. Listening to her is a novelty to him.
TERRY(Sara Downing)Terry is desperate to be popular. She thinks it hinges on Dale and Kitty being together.
EILEENEileen has designs on Milo, but when she can't sway him, she says that he's pretty dumb for a smart guy.
PILARPilar is not only bisexual, she's Joy's new roommate and interested in Jonathan and Dominique.
ETHANEthan can't wait to meet his "video vixen," Amelia.
AMELIA (Kristen Miller) Amelia, a British import, is nervous on her first night with Ethan in the U.S.
JOSIEJosie is a self-proclaimed sex expert and about to teach Amelia her version of Sex 101.
EDDIE (Jay Hernandez) Eddie is a pizza delivery guy -- who also delivers Jamie's love letters to the house-bound Vanessa.
GEORGE (Brian Gaskill) George is Josie's horny boyfriend and up for whatever fun and games Amelia proposes.
WENDY (Paige Peterson) Wendy is Miles' high school ex who broke his heart. She still makes him nervous.
SIDNEY(Katie Lansdale)Sidney is Casey's precocious little sister who's come for a campus visit -- but she really wants a tour in Renzo's pants.
LAURALaura is running for school office and she runs her own catering business. Can you say overachiever?
CLYDEClyde is a classic slacker -- always in front of the tube with his hand in a bag of Cheetos.
AUDREYAudrey is a private school snob who's heard tales of Clyde's kissing prowess.
REXRex is Quentin's tidy roommate, who feels he's invisible. He's single, but doesn't want to meet anyone at a bar.
QUENTINQuentin is a strapping Princeton grad who's dating Daniel, but he may have feelings for his best friend and roommate, Rex.
DANIEL(Marc Brett)Daniel is a sensitive construction worker who is madly in love with Quentin. He may get his heart broken.
SAMMYRex's date.
MINDYMindy thinks that Annika may be taking science a little too far.
ANNIKA (Lauren Woodland) Annika is looking for human subjects for her thesis -- Mark and Elliot are perfect.
MARKMark thinks that looks and equipment aren't everything. If only he could get over being so shy with women.
ELLIOTElliot proclaims himself to be nine inches of woman-satisfying "man meat."
PAIGEPaige thinks that Renzo is cute, but not enough to give the boy some relief.

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