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Websclusive: MTV unveils new 'risque' show, Undressed
October 28, 1999

MTV’s latest addition to their daily lineup, Undressed, is a risque show that has raised more than a few eyes. But is it really anything we haven’t seen on all our other shows?

Sex has slowly been creeping it’s way on to our mainstream programming. We’ve seen everything from couples nude under their bed sheets to what some people would consider full-blown nudity, such as the more than subtle scenes in NYPD Blue. So, a show that has sexual innuendo running rampant and suggestive scenes setting the mood, is it really that inappropriate?

Undressed is centers around a group of a dozen or so teenagers and their sex lives, including that of a couple of homosexual students and their antics. For example, in one episode, one of the gay students finds “straight” pornography in the others belongings, and hilarious comments follow. (“Are you a closet straight ?”) Other such escapades involve a guy getting upset at his girlfriend after she performed oral sex on him because she intoned that his best friend taught her how.

Now, while all of these things are quite clearly implied, Undressed obviously has no nudity whatsoever in it. You will not find strippers and flashers running across the set as all of the events seem like plausible situations, if a tad humorous. But after all, the funniest things in life are natural mistakes and problems.

Undressed is a daring show that brings a new and refreshing change in the recent line of shows that simply try to ride the wave of other established programs, like all the X-Files clones and the Dawson’s Creek copycats. Even if you sound uninterested or even turned off by this type of show, it’s definitely worth checking out at least once. Missing one of your other shows just once won’t kill you, and you may even find Undressed worth your time.

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